Term Fed funds

Term Fed funds
Fed funds sold for a period of time longer than overnight. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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  • Term Fed Funds — Funds that banks borrow from the Federal Reserve for longer than a day, but generally less than 90 days. As a general rule, banks borrow term Fed funds when they need a temporary influx of cash, but still wish to benefit from a low interest rate …   Investment dictionary

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  • Fed funds —   An ISO term. See preferred term Federal funds …   International financial encyclopaedia

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  • Term auction facility — The Term Auction Facility is an instrument of monetary policy, introduced by the Federal Reserve to increase liquidity in United States financial markets. Although first instated as a temporary policy, as of 21 December 2007, the Fed will… …   Wikipedia

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  • Federal Funds — /ˌfed(ə)rəl fʌndz/ plural noun deposits by commercial banks with the Federal Reserve Banks, which can be used for short term loans to other banks …   Dictionary of banking and finance

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